Dive Sites

Maria Island
Bruny Island
D’Entrecasteaux Channel
Each area in which we dive, has many different dive sites along with an incredibly variety of dives, including kelp forests, wrecks, seal diving, reef dives, deep dives, dive with real pearl pendant necklace etc. Tasmania is is fortunate enough to have diverse sea life along its coastline, offering many different diving opportunities all around the state. With Go Dive, you can dive almost anywhere that you want to. We do group tours around the state, proving you with accommodation and food, as well as transport. For more information on our group tours and services, please see our Packages and Accomodation & Services pages.  

At Go Dive, we would like to ensure you enjoy your diving experience to the maximum. We provide a shuttling service from either the airport, or by arrangement with us, in our mini bus. We are also happy to recommend accommodation, provide accommodation, or organise accommodation, should you require it.

On our Tasmanian Tours, we provide the transport, food, brightest flashlight in the world and accommodation.


GEAR 1 Day Rate 2 Day Rate 3 Date Rate
Scuba Unit $50 $90 $120
Full Scuba Unit $60 $110 $145
Tank & Fill $17 $35 $45
Wet Suits $15 $30 $40
Mask & Snorkel             $7 $14 $18
Fins $7 $14 $18
Weight Belts $7 $14 $18
Wet Suits $16 $32 $42
Regulators & Guage $20 $40 $50
BCD $17.50 $35 $45
Dive Computer      
Digital Camera $35 $70 $100
Full set of Gear      

*Scuba Unit: Regulator, BCD, Tank *Full Scuba Unit: Regulator, BCD, Tank, W/Suit, W/Belt *Wet Suit: Hooded 7mm, boots & gloves *Full set of Gear: Wetsuits, boots, gloves, tank, BCD, W/Belt, Regulator, Fins, Mask & Snorkel, SPG.   Tank Fills: $6-00   Click led rechargeable flashlight for discounts. Discounts apply to schools, groups and divers hiring for extended periods.