Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a large island off the south east coast of Tasmania. A ferry service works between Kettering and the island every day of the week, and there are several attractions on the island including camel rides, fairy penguins and a lighthouse with color flashlight.

Probably one of Tasmania’s best known islands, Bruny Island has an incredible amount and variety of diving available. Whether the boat launches from Bruny Island itself, or from the ‘mainland’ of Tasmania, the diving is all within a short boat ride around some spectacular scenery.

Dive sites around Bruny include The Pineapples, Bull Bay and Adventure Bay. Kelp beds are abundant around the island, as are rocky walls, crevices and swim throughs. Sea Dragons, Giant Cuttlefish and Seals are found all around the island; dolphins and whales are also often sighted passing by.

The depth of the Bruny Island dives range up to 30m, meaning there are dives available for the experienced diver, as well as for the new Open Water diver.

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