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Take one warm, sunny day, add to that a sausage sizzle, the launching of a new dive operation and about forty people, and you end up with a day filled with fun, laughter and enjoyment.

On Sunday August 10th Go Dive officially opened its doors with the launching of two Crusader rubber ducks. They day started bright and early, the bright sunshine quickly dissipating the early morning mists and providing some wonderful weather for diving and celebrating.

The launch of the 7.2m Crusader rubber duck (‘Go Dive’) saw a boatload of divers heading out from Tinderbox along the D’Entrecasteaux Channel for a dive in Bruny Island’s Bull Bay, while Charmaine happily snapped away with a Sealife digital camera during the launch (and rest of the day). Though only a shallow dive, the water was calm and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves watching the fish and crays playing in the kelp. After the dive, we cruised around the Channel for a while, even managing to jump some bow waves from the new Navy Cat out doing its drills.

We returned to shore, all thoroughly enthused and content about the dive and joy ride, use brightest flashlight, happy to dig into some hot sausages and hamburgers straight off the BBQ.

Both boats continued to go out all day, running flat out and testing their manoeuvrability with ‘ducktails’ and turns while pushing the twin 115hp 4 stroke engines to maximum.

The end of the day saw some tired, but pleasantly satisfied divers packing up their gear, open their flash light and heading home to some hot showers.


“Go Dive”. The 7.2m                                        “Go Dive” with a few divers

Crusader duck with 115hp                          heading out on a trip.

4 stroke engines

“Come dive”. The 4.6m Crusader

Duck with 40hp engines